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C. J. “Chet” Deubel has been making knives for many years, and has been a full time maker since 2003. His knives have won awards, and several have appeared in Blade Magazine and Knives Illustrated. He specializes in extensive and meticulous file work.

Many of his knives bear a rattlesnake design on their spines. The inspiration for the design came after his wife found herself standing over a coiled and angry rattlesnake in their yard. Chet was filing a vine pattern on a knife when he heard her whistle for him. Like any cowboy, he came immediatly to her rescue. Later, when he went back to his filing, he came up with the design, which is now his trademark. A knife made by Chet Deubel will appreciate in value, and is a one of a kind piece. Every knife he makes is guaranteed to be free of any defects of material or workmanship.

He wishes to express his debt to fine people like Bob Purvis, R.W. Wilson, Bill Ruple, Ted Vance, Gene Brown, John Brown, John Moren, Dan Zvonek, and others who have given their time and energy to help him become a better knife maker. Special thanks to Hans Weinmueller, who is always ready with advice and suggestions.

Chet now wishes to help others as he has been helped, and is seeking an apprentice in the Tucson area, who would like to learn to make knives in exchange for giving him a hand around the shop. If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, please call or e-mail Chet.

When Chet starts making a knife, he draws the design on paper, and uses the paper template to guide his saw. He does drill and file work before heat treating the steel. Then it’s off to the surface and belt grinders to for final shaping. After the blade is done he works on the liners, bolsters, and scales, if it’s a folder. If it’s a fixed blade, he makes the guard and then the scales. His loving wife handles quality control and inspection, before he takes it back to the shop for final touch-ups and wax. Although he’s never short on new knife designs, Chet especially likes to make knives from customers’ designs, turning their ideas into steel. 

Chet is a sass cowboy shooter and his alias is “snake carver” on Check it out for info on cowboy shooting. A cowboy at heart, Chet makes a lot of neck knives and bowies for cowboy shooters.

Folders Fixed Blades




The knife just came, and WOW!  It’s absolutely perfect.  I love the walrus bolsters, too.  All around perfect.  My hat is off to you. 
Again, thanks so much for the craftsmanship and service.

Chet, my knife arrived today, and it is BEAUTIFUL. I have a very critical eye, and I couldn’t find any flaws or mistakes anywhere. I love it! Even my wife looked at it and said, “Wow!” and she isn’t much for knives, guns, and such. Thank you for your outstanding work and for working with me on the payments. When my life is settled, I will order another from you.

I am writing to compliment you on the knife that you made which I recently received as a gift.  I absolutely love it!  The craftsmanship  is so unique and detailed that it will always be one of a kind.  My friends always ask where I got the knife and who did the work.  These questions are always followed by a joke or some laughter that the knife fits my personality.  I really like the way you customized it with the rattlesnake on the edge of the blade and the awesome skull and crossbones on the front of the knife sheath!  I know that you worked extra hard to find and make that design.  Those details are what makes the knife stand above any other one that I have owned.  The black handle also looks cool!  This is definitely the best knife that I could ever own!  Thank you so much for doing an excellent job on it!

I asked Chet to make me a pair of matched bowies, one for myself, the other a gift for my best friend. I drew a picture of the shape I wanted for the knife, and asked Chet to make all the other decisions himself. The knives came out EXACTLY the right shape and size (I measured the handle to fit my hand precisely), and they were beautiful. He used matching raindrop Damascus steel for the blades, but each knife's handle used different material for the scales and guards. One knife has stainless steel guards with a mammoth tooth handle, and the other has a walrus tusk handle with nickel silver gaurds. Amazing. Chet does excellent work!

I’m extremely happy with the knife. It was far more than I expected. Thank you so much.

Dear Chet and Carol:  I have to admit, when it seemed a little long on the sheath I began to get my hopes up that Carol was doing something special. I was blown away. The sheath is fantastic, much nicer than anything I have seen. I knew the knife was going to be good, I knew the sheath would be good. The combination is really really much beyond anything I expected or imagined. Thank you both very much. I will start saving for an automatic, if one comes up please keep me in mind. Thanks does not say enough.

Just got back from R and R a coupld of days ago and over jet lag last night. The knives arrived and I have given them all away. Thery turned out very nice and I will need to send you the money for the extra one in a few days. I think your original idea of the blackened blades and more ornate handle may have been the way to go but the knives were well received. Several soldiers have managed to cut themselves already! ha I took mine on patrol yesterday and showed my "Cav Knife" to several people. The antique blade is almost camoflauged and the knives are still tactical despite lookin like old school knives any good Cav soldier would have carried 150 years ago.

The knife arrived safely and WOW!!!!! I never imagined it would look that great. What a wonderful Christmas present. I am going to display it in my house with an 1873 Winchester rifle and a single-action colt revolver that I have. Thanks so much for putting so much work and love into something that will stay in my family forever. You are truly an artist.

As a person who owns many knives and uses them in a professional capacity as a hunt guide, survival instructor, and former soldier and also as an amateur knifemaker I have to say that the knife I bought from Chet is an exquisite piece of work. I have a spearpoint bowie with a 6 inch blade that I bought because of its looks- it just looks beautiful. It is perfectly symmetrical and has a grind like I’ve never seen on any other knife. The blade has a high polish, the guard is lovely solid brass, and the handle is antler with mosaic pins. The sheath is also beautifully tooled, thick leather with good retention of the knife. If I’m honest, I half expected the knife to be a “showpony” but didn’t mind as it was so beautiful. I hummed and aahed about whether to keep it as a “safe queen” but it felt so alive in my hand I had to give in and use it. Well! The knife is a revelation. It is so perfectly balance I ca get it to rest on the head of a nail. I have never had a knife feel so balanced and lively in the hand. I’ve used it to do many tasks from work around the farm, whittling wood, to butchering. The steel and heat treat is as good as any I’ve used-takes a razors edge, holds it, and is as tough as leather too. Anyone who knows knives will be able to tell that the man who made this blade not only knows and understands blades but has spent decades perfecting the art of making them. My knife is an heirloom and will be passed down by me. Thank you Chet!



























Chet can be reached at, or by dialing 520-440-7255 or 520-444-5246. He
accepts credit card payments over the phone, but will also take personal checks.

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